In the Deep Black out…. with Victoria’s Model

This one of the first of those so-called ‘guest posts’ on my blog! It’s written by Sumit Periwal, one of my best-est buddies from college and one of those few people who encouraged me to begin blogging!
Wondering,what should i write for A friend’s blog as a guest writer, i was going through the memory lanes of college 4 years.

What shall i write about …
Where shall i begin..
What shall i put as unique as the demands says…
Shall i write about

> First semester’s first class’s neighbors…. OR
> those poker sessions in So called Casino room…. OR
> that laziness to walk till college gate and then waits for someone to show up with a bike…. OR
> Verbal fights at dinner TABLE in 7/8 th semester over “the amount of food you are wasting”…. OR
> that early morning of august 2009 when somebody knocks on your door to tell you that “the company which you going to sit for,isn’t for you.your company is coming 2 days later.” and then apply for you in the so called company at the very last hour………

May be i shall begin with the story…when
> you tell your friend that the company you got through in college,isn’t the one where you will end up after college. you will find a better one.
> those stupid yet interesting discussions about Art of living and Yes+ and god knows what else 
> those moments when your friend console you the very moment,when you need it the most.
> your friend introduces to a group of 6 people who are going to be integral part of your life
> your friend wants to confirm the answer of one question which is in the mind of most of your friends…
> you teaches your friend some pattern of interpretation of Data….
> your friend tell you about one habit which u always cursed…

There are multiple stories of each friendship in college life…
which you don’t even care to end or not.
slowly slowly time passes by and length of stories keep rising like a curve of Tangent

you don’t even realize and
its your Farewell time…
you have to leave the college..

and you have to drop your friend at Old Delhi Railway station.
Time passes by…
Distance between friends keeps increases slowly at a pace of SINE.

Yet, you cherish those memories…
because that’s how you define your friendship…
those stories are the integral part of College…
And your Friendship

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